Specility Chemicals for R & D:

Merck, E Merck, SD Fine, Himedia, Loba, Sigma Aldrich, Qualigence, Lancaster, Himedia, Finar,Thomus Baker, Acros, CDH, SRL ( Sisco Research), Spectrochem, Custom Synthesis Chemicals, Catalyst.

Laboratory Glassware:

Glass ware: Borosil, J Sil, Duran, Agrawal, Develop as per your design.

Filter Paper: Whatman, Pall.

Plasticware: Polylab, Tarson, Stability Bottles.


Oven, Muffle Furnace, Stability Chamber, Autoclave, GC / HPLC Spare Parts, Silicon Septa , Syringe, Ultrasonic Bath, PH Meter,Water Bath, Water Still, Heating Mantle, Refractometer, Balance.

Personal Protective :

Hand Gloves: Rubber, PVC, Nitrile, Neoprene, Plastic Disposible, Examination ( Sterile / Non Sterile/Nitrile).

Foot Protection: Safety Shoes(Aceme, Tiger), Gumboots ( Hunter, Wonder).

Respiratory Protection: Chemical Fume mask, Dust Mask.

Eye Protection: Chemical Splash goggle, Face shield.

Body Protection: Chemicals splash suit with or with compress air, Apron.

Disposible Products: Buffen Cap, Gloves , Mask, shoe cover, Coat / Gown ( Sterile / Non sterile).


Silicon / Neporene/ PP / HDPE/PU/pneumatic/Vaccum.